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Federal Nuans reports for Incorporations

To incorporate federally in Canada, you need a Federal 4R NUANS report to search and reserve your corporate name. Nuans reports are company name & Trade-Mark search reports generated by Industry Canada.  Federal incorporation reports have four pages of similar business names, according to Industry Canada's formula, and two pages of trademark listings similar to one or more distinctive words in your corporate name.

Despite a reservation obtained in a Federal NUANS report:

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Things to consider in choosing a corporate name:

Federal corporate names must meet certain requirements before it is approved by Corporations Canada:

Trademarks Act, Section 7(b):

Trademarks Act, Section 22:

When brainstorming to come up with a distinctive keyword for your corporate name, do not spend too much time thinking about the keyword. Rather try having 30 second brainstorming sessions.  You should distract yourself for 3 to 5 minutes between each brainstorming session.

Requirements of the CBCA Name Regulations

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Legal Element in For-Profit Corporations

All for-profit corporate names must have a single legal element, selected from one of the following endings:

Numbered Companies and Trade Styles

Often people will incorporate a business with a numbered name, such as "7935978 CANADA INC." and then register a trade style as their operating name or DBA, such as "Joe's Pizza," which is only a division of the corporation, in the Provinces in which they have offices. This strategy does not protect your name nationally and may cause uncertainty when expanding into other provinces. A trade style is not a separate corporation and you cannot then just add a legal ending to it, such as "Joe's Pizza Inc.," according to Ontario's Business Corporations Act:

Unauthorized use of "Limited", etc.

11. (1) No person, while not incorporated, shall trade or carry on a business or undertaking under a name in which "Limited", "Incorporated" or "Corporation" or any abbreviation thereof, or any version thereof in another language, is used. R.S.O. 1990, c. B.16, s. 11 (1).

(2) Where a corporation carries on business or identifies itself to the public by a name or style other than as provided in the articles, that name or style shall not include the word "Limited", "Incorporated" or "Corporation" or any abbreviation thereof or any version thereof in another language. R.S.O. 1990, c. B.16, s. 11 (2).

Business Corporations Act, R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER B.16

Corporate Names

It is usually better to order a full NUANS® Corporate Name Search before incorporating, such as "Rogers Telecom Holdings Inc." did when they amended their corporate name from CALL-NET ENTERPRISES INC. in 2005.

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